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Marginalia about MRI MS_upside down

The night before the participatory performance MRI MS_upside down,  I wore the upside down glasses for the first time.

The wearing time was intentionally short (15-20 min) because I wanted to preserve the alienation effect for the next eve’s experiment. I put the glasses on and started walking around the room, moving and rising up the ladder in the attempt of configuring how my body looks and feels like with a detoured vision. The experience was striking: my head was tense and heavy, my limbs troubled. I thought: “This is going to be the hardest performance I’ve ever done, even more demanding than the 12 hours long performance Exercises in dying as it affects the brain directly.”

When the test was over I had a 15 minutes long phone conversation. I wanted to share some insecurities about the experience, but encountered difficulties in formulating comprehensive sentences. My linguistic skills went lacking. I was stuttering – a dysfunction I’ve never had problems with, in everyday life – and showing signs of dyslexia: inverting the position of certain letters in words, another dysfunction I am not affected by normally.

Nonetheless, my prognosis about the event MRI MS_upside down was incorrect! The research experiment ran even too smoothly, leaving no space for unexpected  outbursts of creativity or insight. My embodied brain was already accustomed to an upside down vision of reality and the curious shock of the eve before could not be repeated again.

Can this not be taken as a tangible proof of neuroplasticity, the ability of the brain to modify its connections and re-wire itself?

(Written by Jatun Risba in the weeks following the performance)

Post scriptum 

The participatory research event ‘MRI MS_Upside down’ at Rampa Lab (Zavod Kersnikova) ended with a Dionysian subversion of cultural codes. Jatun Risba was running and falling among the gathered people in the corridors at Kersnikova 4, who were patiently waiting in front of  Kapelica Gallery closed doors for the inauguration of an exhibit that ended up postponed until further notice. About the action, Risba states:

“Artists of self cannot turn their backs to the contradictions and opportunities that inhabit our social scape. Since they’ve trained their thinking body to awareness and inspired responsiveness, they would rather not numb impulses. They would rather not pretend not to see, listen or feel. My action that followed the ‘MRI MS_Upside down’ participatory event can be regarded as a hic et nunc art intervention that aimed to foster awakening and its embodiment in worldly life.”

Photo by Miha Fras

Objavil/a MRI MS. My Resting In Myself Sane dne Četrtek, 17. avgust 2017


Production: Rampa LabZavod Kersnikova

Project is supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana and Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana.


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MRI MS_upside down

RAMPA + Zavod Kersnikova / Jatun Risba: MRI MS_upside down

//participatory performance, 25.4.17 at 19:00



The project ‘MRI MS’ of performance artist Jatun Risba draws on her lived experience. It’s a story about her détour of multiple sclerosis. With the embodiment of intermediate states of consciousness, Jatun Risba is exploring the transindividuality (Simondon), elusiveness and plasticity of the self. Each ‘MRI MS’ performance is based on the use of a particular body or interface technology by means of which the artist highlights and maps the processes of psychic and collective individuation in the inner landscape. Her performative language Inter-esse (Latin for “to be in-between”; also “be beyond self”), discloses the thinking body in its liminality: breath, movements, voice and contact in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, or at the level of the limbic system. This is the phylogenetically older part of the brains that is responsible for some vegetative functions, emotional reactions, learning and memory and for the release of endorphins, the endogenous opiates. In this liminal state of consciousness the performer establishes a dialogue with the chosen technology.


In the participatory performance ‘MRI MS_upside down’ the doers will be testing the mediating effect of perception altering on the awareness and use of the body. What happens when my vision is flipped upside down? What or who has been inverted? What occurs when I inhabit the gap between what I see and what (I think) I am? Stay there and then took a step backwards. And then another and then another …


You can follow the project on the Fb page MRI MS. My Regular Imagination of Multiple Self, where the performance will be live streamed and available for commenting.

Fb event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/116842152200264/


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MRI MS_allone

Cirkulacija2 + RAMPA / Jatun Risba: MRI MS_allone

// performance at the opening of the exhibition Alessandro Di Giampietro: LIMBICO. Whatever you think I am That is what I’m not, Cirkulacija 2, 20.4.17 at 20:30

Alessandro’s art work springs from the observation of human identity and focuses on the multilayered personae in contemporary society. His photography, video installations and performances mix up conventional narrative forms and abolish the walls between reality and fiction. In the context of eclectic, humorous and seemingly fleeting expressions, he creates bizarre and mysterious settings in which reality becomes uncertain and fantasy blends with reality.

At the opening of the exhibition, Jatun Risba will perform in co. with Mamourou Sanou themergingoftimeandspaceAfricaandEuropeancientandimmediatepresencEeecstaticdanceinpeaceinstillness

Fb event: https://www.facebook.com/events/116485265565248/

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