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Jaz kot prevara (The I as scam)

If you are familiar with Slovene language, you can take a read of the article Jaz kot prevara (The I as scam) written by Blaž Lukan about Jatun Risba’s performance Exercises in Dying . The piece was published in Revija Dialogi (3/4, 2017):

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Ecstasy of death

October 27th 2017, Dika Gallery, Kamnik

Ecstasy of death is a suggestive miniature by Jatun Risba and Miša Gams. The performance enacts language patterns, customs, rituals, sentiments and beliefs concerning death and the process of dying in the Slovene ethnic territory. In order to be seen, heard, felt by the spectators. In order to be remembered, acknowledged, reflected upon and updated.

The project was organized in partnership with the local art community of Kamnik, a medieval and Baroque city in the lap of the mountains, and performed in close proximity to the Day of Remembrance on November 1st. Before 1991, in the time of the Socialist Republic of Slovenia (in ex-Yugoslavia), the feast was named “dan mrtvih”, the Day of the Dead. On this day locals pay respects to the deceased by visiting the cemetery where they light candles and bring flowers to the graves.

Below you can watch a short trailer of the work.  More photos by Janez Zalaznik and a critical review (in Slovene) of the event are available here.


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Exercises in Dying

On Ash Wednesday, 1st of March 2017 from 12 to 24 o’clock, you are invited to the performative event Exercises in dying at Klub K4 at Kersnikova 4 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. You can follow the Facebook page “Exercises in dying”, where the video of the performance will be broadcast live and also available for commenting.

In the interim stage of the project ‘MRI MS’, the artist Jatun Risba will perform a long Inter-esse performance, in which she will walk through the physical, aural and psychological stages of herself in order to deconstruct and liberate the self. The Inter-esse (from Latin interesse: ‎’to be or lie in-between’, also ‘to go beyond the self’) performative practice explores liminal forms of the thinking body – movement, gesture, voice, breath, and contact – in the functioning of the autonomic nervous system, at the level of the limbic system.The limbic system is the phylogenetically older, mammalian part of the brains that takes care of motivation, memory, emotions and willingness to study.

The twelve-hour performance of Jatun Risba is a challenge of physical & mental endurance and a trans-individual experiment in movement, emotions, and interaction, which manifest in the process of psychological dying. The aim of this action is to forget the known from the past – cognitive and behavioral conditioning, fear and sadness – for a new, fresh start.


Production: Rampa LabZavod Kersnikova

Project is supported by Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia, Municipality of Ljubljana and Student Organization of the University of Ljubljana.

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