Frikšn Bar #7: Impossible = I’m possible

On the 14th of February 2017 Jatun Risba participated at Frikšn Bar #7: Impossible = I’m possible, the regular Art & Science Café event in Ljubljana in the redaction of Kapelica Gallery, Rampa Lab and BioTehna.

About the event:

Discussion and socializing with: artist Jatun Risba, neurologist dr. Blaž Koritnik, theoretical physicis and inventor Andrej Detela and witer and publicist Mojca Kumerdej.

The starting point for the seventh Frikšn bar is the upcoming art project by Jatun Risba, where she deals with the autobiographic story of her détour with multiple sclerosis.

In the discussion we will question the ability of an individual to self-organise for a better internal structure and the effect of this process (‘self-care’) on changing society. Can we be healthy in an unhealthy society? Who is the ‘me’ who falls ill and can we heal ourselves? What are the requirements for healthily inhabiting a thinking body and what is the power of art when creating our own self? The work of the artist Jatun Risba is steeped in the study of the unconventional techniques of the body and she will look for answers to these questions together with guests: dr. Blaž Koritnik and Andrej Detela.

Photos of the event: →


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